#HopeForHaiti Initiative

The Poorest Country in the Western Hemisphere


The purpose of the #HopeForHaiti Initiative is to provide sustainable resources and services to the region of Haiti, currently the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, with close to 60% of the population living under the national poverty line; therefore, aiding in the prevention and elimination of human suffering to the Haitian region. 

The #HopeForHaiti Initiative vision is to be a “life line” to children and families within the Haiti region by providing food to hunger families. In addition, our vision is to offer basic life necessities and clean water. Furthermore, we will act as an educational advocate providing learning opportunities to better equip Haitians to excel in the academia, the marketplace and abroad. We will also seek to empower financial growth to Haiti communities through agriculture, business and trade. Our combined efforts will afford the suffering people of Haiti with hope for a brighter future of Haiti.  

The Haiti SafeHaven Project is designed to provide a nurturing and caring safe haven for children of Haiti who are without families, homeless, abused or solicited for sex or drug trafficking. The SafeHaven Community will provide authentic  love, healing, safety, hope as well as a bright future. 

The Haiti SafeHaven Project will include building a community campus with an orphanage, recreation facility, school, Christian church, clinic, college and local market and eating facility.  


Haiti Food Drive


The Haiti Food Drive initiative will consist of providing non-perishable food product, in bulk quantity, to the region of Haiti. The efforts will help prevent hunger and reduce the mortality rate for Haitian people. 

Haiti Educate Me Now


Our Educate Me Now program will provide free tutoring to children and adults in Haiti through face-to-face, virtual and Online programs. Certified Teachers from around the world will volunteer as Educational Missionaries to host educational missions, outreach and Online forums. Haiti Educate Me Now may also include building schools in the Haiti communities.  

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